First and foremost, we only accept artists and requests for promo or booking that we are convinced will work with this product or album. Be it live or in quality.

We offer you


Our package for promotion includes bringing your product to music magazines that are tailored to your needs. (Visions, Ox, Rolling Stone, Plastic Bomb, Mint, etc.)

Due to the know-how and the network of our team we have several possibilities to get reviews of your album, to place you for interviews or to place ads for your product. For sampling and promo you should plan about 2 months working time.

Radio stations, TV stations and Internet portals will also receive samples from us.

Be it for an airplay, interview, review or any other form of presentation of an artist or his product.


We are able to arrange performance possibilities and concerts in clubs and at festivals for you as an artist. Of course this will be done in coordination with your schedule.

Of course, fees are variable, since every organizer works with a different budget. Nevertheless, you should talk about a basic idea in advance. You should allow about 3 to 4 months for the booking.


The item Tour Management places one person of our team at your service for a tour. Regardless of whether we have booked this tour or not. This includes driving a tour van, arrangements (e.g. backstage management, technical support), checking contracts, local inspection of the venue, merchandise or supervision and coordination of the show including stage equipment.


A diva at the mic, band rehearsals with endless discussions or a cancelled tour - it is normal that arguments arise when you make music together. With over 20 years of band experience and training in team coaching (TCI) and coaching for individuals (CTI), we offer our services. In combination with other services or alone - feel free to ask for a demo session!

All these offers are without guarantee.

Of course, many of the points mentioned above work according to experience, but you don't get every magazine or promoter. As much as you work on it.

In the end the editorial offices of the different institutions decide.

We are happy to take your wishes and create an individual offer for you!

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Shop in development …